custom handling and custom clearance

Custom clearance procedures are tedious and cumbersome for one reason, to protect and control one country's market.
Policies change and other bilateral arrangement can also cause amendments in custom procedures and rules. As new products are being built, new technologies deployed, more and more restriction and paper works are required to do proper handling of your cargo at custom.
Failing to do proper documentation and declaration can cause not only monetary loss, but in some cases may result in bad reputation for your company and even being blacklisted from importing or exporting.

At EMKO we live and breathe with shipping documentation, clearance, declaration and red tapes. In fact in each office we have special department which handles purely custom documents and compliance. Our teams are well versed in tariffs and custom laws to help you achieve smooth clearance at custom, and thereby avoiding unexpected costs incurred and delivery delays.

How we Clear your goods from Custom

Liasing with Agencies

Non general goods such as food and dangerous goods requires approval from other government agencies on top of the custom procedures

Declaration and Documentation

Your documents and your shipment must comply to International and Local regulations and have to be declared in a proper manner


Once your duties, taxes and other requirement are properly settled, we will haul your cargo to your destination

Benefits of Engaging Us as your Custom Agent

We can provide custom clearance for various cargo such as:

  • General Cargo
  • Dangerous Goods (Chemicals etc)
  • Restricted Goods (Minerals, etc)
  • Goods for temporary usage (e.g machinery, exhibition, etc)
  • Bulk cargo

We also provide special import/export permit handling such as:

  • Singapore’s Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) license
  • Singapore Health & Science Authority (HSA) license
  • Indonesia PI (Persetujuan Impor) for various item such as Besi Baja (Steel), Mesin Bekas (Used Machinery), etc
  • Transhipment permits (Import and/or Export)

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