Door-to-door shipping is a service where we guarantee that the goods will be picked up from and delivered to the locations decided by you. It is different from door-to-port or port-to-port because it begins and ends at specific addresses within cities from origin to its final destination.

Our door-to-door service includes:

  • Pickup
  • Custom Process at destination and origin
  • Cargo handling costs at port of destination and origin
  • Freight (Air or Sea)
  • Custom Clearance at destination
  • Ground transport and delivery to final destination

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    Door to Door Shipping Advantages

    All-inclusive rate for better budgeting

    Make life easier by budgeting right from the beginning with our lump sum rate.


    Deal only with one forwarder throughout the shipping process from pickup up to Delivery at Place (DAP)

    Save Time

    Save time by having us handle all documentations, custom clearance and arrangement of multi modal transportation for your cargo.

    Our Door to Door Services